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Get your body and diet in top shape.
Feel good in your skin and become the best version of yourself.


The perfect balance between diet&exercise for your body

The CarmenFIT Programs are 100% personalized based on metabolic rate, age, height, weight, activity level, training type and client schedule. Additionally the diets take into account my customer’s culinary preferences. With a correct diet and training you can achieve anything!

Lose weight & grow muscle mass

Whatever your body objectives are, a correct nutrition and physical exercise will get you there.

Stay flexible. You can train from home or the gym. You only need a few weights and a resistance band

Stay flexible. You can train from home or the gym. You only need a few weights and a resistance band.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

My Online Fitness & Nutrition Programs are adapted and personalized taking into account each client’s level and objectives.

Personalized nutrion plan

My diets take the client's culinary preferences into account. It’s important to enjoy what you are eating in order to keep up with the instructions.

Dedicated WhatsApp Chat

For CarmenFit Club & CarmenFit VIP Club we will track progress each week. You will have my personal WhatsApp number and I will answer any questions you might have.

Specially designed for you

Many advertise personalization, few really deliver it.

Hit the perfect Balance!


Top recipes for a perfect silhouette

Healthy living shoudn't be a chore. Healthy food tastes great, especially when you receive instructions that take into account your culinary preferences. This is an important ingredient of success.

We need to strike a balance between caloric intake and exercise. In order to loose weight you need to be on a caloric deficit, but the deficit must not be too big.





In 12 years I’ve worked with a lot of clients. Experience matters most. I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years. Different body types, different goals and expectations.

Although the press nicknamed me “the celebrities coach” I never sought to work only with showbiz stars. I take my energy from my clients results and are grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of their lives.

I constantly post my latest transformations on my instagram account. 

Press interviews



Rexona 5000stepsathome campaign.

Teo Show

Tips & recommanded exercises for a toned body. What does a proper diet mean.

Pro TV, Teo Show

Quick exercises we can do for the summer figure. Exercises that can affect our health.

Digi 24

We talked about how many workouts you need to do weekly to lose weight. About how we recover after a vacation and about the importance of a proper diet.

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own the change

100% Personalized Online FItness&Nutrion Plan.
Lose weight, add muscle mass, get rid of cellulite. Transform your body and lifestyle, make those new healthy habits stick.



Train from Home or Gym

  • Online Fitness & Nutrition Plan
  • 100% Personalized based on age, body type, metabolic rate, activity level, objectives & culinary tastes
  • Complete Body & Lifestyle transformation
  • 12 Weeks Personalized Fitness Circuit
  • Train 3 times/weeks x 50 min
  • 12 Weeks Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Private Q&A via WhatsApp
  • Weekly progress review
  • Progress based tweaking
  • One diet Menu modification at clients request included


Feel better

6 Weeks
Online Fitness and Nutrition by CarmenFIT focused on improving energy levels, muscle toning and introducing a new lifestyle


Train from Home or Gym


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